Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Simbol Design Sports Cars Lavazza GTX-R The New Super Sports Cars

Italian brands The Lavazza GT-R unveiled, Simbol Design has some pictures and specifications for the new super sports car. Simbol Design has created this impressive new V12 supercar producing 620 hp while weighing a mere 2380 lbs. This gives the car an exceptional power to weight ratio of 3.8 lb.

2011 Simbol Design Sports Cars Lavazza GTX-R The New Super Sports Cars
Simbol Design's Lavazza GTX-R body made of carbon-Kevlar built atop a tubular steel frame. And since German powerplants have emerged as the new crate engine of choice for niche manufacturers from Spyker and Wiesmann to Gumpert and Pagani, the Lavazza packs a BMW-sourced 5.4-liter V12, picking up Lamborghini's tractor-origins mantle with an electro-pneumatic transmission reportedly sourced from a bus. Sources differ on the engine's output – alternately claiming 489 horsepower or 620 – but either way, 0-60 mph times quoted around the four-and-a-half second sound conservative.

The 2011 Simbol Design Sports Cars Lavazza GTX-R The New Super Sports Cars will be offered in both coupe and roadster versions and will be built in carbon kevlar. This will help the car get its weight down to about 2381 lbs. On the exterior, the 2011 Simbol Design Sports Cars Lavazza GTX-R will get fixed front diverters and rear venturi intakes with adjustable side diverters, an adjustable rear wing, and a roof scoop.

The front of the car may look a little like a Pagani Zonda (or a Zonda on drugs), but the price tag shouldn’t as this car is definitely not fitting into the ranks of the Italian supercars of today. Both coupe and roadster bodystyles are apparently in the works, though there's no word on availability or pricing just yet, but are exclusive to models such as this, you can not expect that the cheap.

2011 Simbol Design Sports Cars Lavazza GTX-R The New Super Sports Cars

Monday, February 21, 2011

Honda’s Hydrogen-Powered Sports Car

Every concept car has to look like it’s straight out of The Fifth Element. If it doesn’t, it might as well be an inflatable Porsche. Not solely making walkers for old people, Honda has brought forth its new concept, the FC Sport. It’s a three-seat hydrogen fuel cell sports car that comes stocked with a high-power fuel cell stack placed between the rear seat, and a backup battery pack placed in the middle of the car.

Don’t expect to be driving it any time soon, or it all for that matter. It’s just a concept, though. So you know it will more than likely never be available commercially. Seriously, whens the last time you got to sit in the driver seat of a high-performance, low-weight hydrogen sports car?

2008 Acura NSX Delayed once Again!

The Advanced Sports Car Concept that Honda unveiled earlier this year was supposed to be a preview of the next 2008 Acura NSX. The car was set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show later this year. But now comes word that Honda may be going back to the drawing board. Apparently the car did not get the reaction that Honda was hoping for.

According to Leftlane News and Winding Road, the car will still keep the major configurations of the concept (V-10 engine and all-wheel-drive). The car is also still set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show this fall and begin production early next year.

I agree, the car didn't really do it for me like the original NSX. Glad to hear that other people felt the same way.

Latest Italian Sports Car

AS the tile suggested, Italian design shop Spadaconcept revealed a new sports concept car. It looks mighty sleek and gorgeous. It’s just a prototype though but it is looking good. The Codatronica is a modern taken on last century’s sports car designs. If you look at it closely, you’ll see a little resemblance to the Chevrolet Corvett.

Emo Girls

Emo Girls wearing glasses

Honda NAS

Honda NAS Concept bike powered by 1000cc V-Twin engine. NAS, standing for New American Sports, was intended to push the boundarys of sports bike design for the American market. Some of the most ingenious engineering solutions in the motorcycle market were seen on the NAS.

Suzuki Crosscage

Suzuki Crosscage, has the equivalent power of a 125cc motorcycle. Suzuki Crosscage powered by a hydrogen and a lighium ion battery. Details are light, but it does have a monoshock up front though, and that's pretty radical.

The 2009 GTX has an MSRP that starts around $35,000.

The Super Sport is a bike from BBC’s future, and I’ve gotta tell you straight up, it’s a nut smasher. However, when you crack open that throttle… Wow! The nearly vertical rear portion of the saddle is a perfectly-designed necessity because this bike takes off like a rocket. Maybe it’s got a future as a drag bike.

There’s a 114-cubic-inch X-Wedge motor crammed in a custom BBC frame. It’s also got a Scotts steering dampener on it to help keep the 23-inch front wheel in line, and it has real Brembos to bring the beast to a halt – dual disc up front and a single rotor in the rear. Styling has the look of a skinned Ducati stretched it over a chopper. Estimations put this bike the $35-40K range, cheaper than a Desmosedici RR! It’s slated for production in 2010 to be sold as a 2011 model.

Vectrix Superbike pics

Vectrix first unvieled its first Electric Superbike prototype at the Milan 2008 autoshow. It is claimed to be the first of its kind. Vectrix an established electric scooter company is willing to begin production of this electrifying concept as soon as it gets 500 orders at €55 000 . Vectrix is hoping to be in production within two years.
The Vectrix SBK concept is driven by a 240V, 60kW permanent magnet, brushless DC motor that delivers peaktorque of 102Nm at zero revs, with a 7.5kW/hour, lithium-ion battery that makes up 64kg of the bike’s all-up 204kg.
Range is claimed to be:
200km at a steady 40km/h
100km at 80km/h
70km at 120km/h
Vetrix claims top speed will be 200km/h and a standing quarter mile within 12 seconds. The batteries will hold enough charge for 20 flat-out laps of the Vallelunga circuit in Italy "in eerie silence". Gives a new meaning to ride the lightening!

Marriage Zijspan Exotic Cars and Motor Sport

This unique vehicle is a combination (hybrid) cars and motorcycles. Created by combining the various components for 10 years

Toyota and Subaru join forces for new sports coupe

Toyota and Subaru join forces for new sports coupe

Modification of the Best 2010 Yamaha MX

Tesla Roadster Toyota boss ride

Collection of sports cars Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda increases. When some time ago he got a Lotus Elise, now he just received the Tesla Roadster, an electric-powered sports car.

Maroon colored car was a gift given directly by the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, the Tesla Toyoda in the first showroom in Asia, located in Tokyo, Japan.

According to Elon, if Toyoda receive and drive a Tesla Roadster, the automotive market in Japan will also be more responsive and open to receive the product. "We are optimistic the Japanese market is very fantastic," said Elon.

Geneva Car Show

( Geneva Car Show,MSN Japan) 
There is something rotten in the car industry - the way they promote new models. Case in point: Treehugger wrote about the Mitsubishi Miev, a cool little car that has zero CO2 emissions (beacuse it is an electric car). That was back in September, 2007, and it was also displayed it in New York in early 2008. So I was surprised that news about this car is the leading story on Japan's MSN, the news website linked to hotmail.com. What's new? Apparently, nothing. The occasion? They are announcing that they are going to show this car at the 79th Geneva Car Show in March, 2009.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Yamaha Mio Soul 2010 Airbrush Modifikasi

Yamaha Mio Soul 2010 Airbrush Modifikasi
Bodi Yahama the accepted Mio additionally absolutely replaced by Mio Soul. Bodi body continued with fiber. This appulse on the appearance that motor looks clean. With a custom archetypal of the car to the rim in adjustment to get best footstep width.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top 3 Most Common Car Modification Mistakes

Car modification is more popular now than it has ever been before. When people buy a car these days the factory issue lights, factory paintwork and factory stereo are sometimes not enough and thanks to the availability of many sources of custom car parts the possibilities are practically endless for making your car stand out from the crowd. The problem is though that while enthusiasts may want their car sound like it has a V8 engine or sit low on its suspension so it looks like a touring car, they may not have the technical or aesthetical skills to ensure their car still looks good and runs well.
Here are the 3 of the main mistakes people make when modifying their car.
There is no accounting for taste, especially when choosing a spoiler or a whole body kit. How often have you seen a car trundling down the high street looking like an alien child toy. Choosing the wrong body kit for your car can be done easily as they are often bought from magazines or from websites that don’t tell you much more than that they will fit on your model of car. Body kits need to be subtle in order to avoid looking stupid. The same goes for other custom body parts like spoilers and bonnet scoops which when out of proportion with the rest of the car can look really bad. Make sure you find out exactly what your car will look like with the body kit or other custom part on before you hand over your cash, and make sure you get a second opinion.
Wrong Parts
There are engine modification parts that have been made popular by certain films about street racing that every car modification fan would like to have. For example, big fat exhaust, turbos, super chargers and nitrous oxide systems. If you are not 100% certain that the parts you are fitting to your car will work and be safe then you should avoid getting them altogether. Plus putting nitrous in your old modified car, it may not stand up to the punishment dealt out by the extra power. Start off safe by getting performance brakes or other simpler performance car parts to make sure your car is at least safe. You won’t look good, wrapped around a lamp post.
Bad Driving

drive well then there is no point trying to attract attention to yourself. Get good at driving with some advanced driving courses before you start adding under lighting or a massive stereo.

HHO Gas Car Modification – The Potential Risks

The concept of running a car on water has certainly taken off in the past 4 months. The concept is sound, and is certainly no scam. This article will hopefully shed some light on what to look for in an hho gas car modification system, and possible issues which may arise.
Water4gas was the first hho gas car modification system widely published on the internet. In the past 4 months their have been a plethora of competing systems showing up all offering similar results. The result has been a mass of discussions regarding the actual results possible from an hho gas car modification system.
For those that don’t know, such a system can be created from parts readily available in your local hardware store. Basically you have a container containing bicarb of soda and water, which is powered by the battery. The result is the production of hho gas (browns gas) which is driven in to the carburettor or manifold. This results in an increase in engine productivity, mileage and ultimately fuel consumption.

There are most certainly some risks associated with attaching a hho gas car modification system. Firstly as a rule of thumb, the system works bests with car or trucks that are over 10 year’s old. Recent models of cars have stricter warranties and engine designs which make it extremely difficult and risky to attach such a system. Whichever system you choose make sure you have full explanation on how the system will effect the warranty of your car. Make sure you understand the risks before you consider use such a system. Furthermore seek the advice of a trusted mechanic.

HHO Gas Car Modification – Modify Your Car to Run on HHO Gas

If we listen to the rumors, the gas prices in the USA will hit 4$ a barrel this spring. Filling up our cars is no longer the only issue. As gas prices rise – so do prices in our grocery stores. Unfortunately the regular consumers like you and I have no say in this.
If we listen to the rumors, the gas prices in the USA will hit 4$ a barrel this spring. Filling up our cars is no longer the only issue. As gas prices rise – so do prices in our grocery stores. Unfortunately the regular consumers like you and I have no say in this.
Recently FOX News broadcasted a video report about an American inventor who modified his car to use HHO Gas as fuel. Now, there are some things to clarify – there is no possible way to run a car uniquely on water. The HHO gas car modification allows us to use water and gas as fuel. Such conversion increases fuel economy by at least 40%.

The gas mileage increase is not the only advantage of such technology. Once installed in the vehicle, this kit boosts up engine’s power while reducing the exhaust pollution and prolonging your car’s life. It cleans up the engine and reduces the normal wear and tear of the engine’s element.