Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Tattoo for Girls

Best Tattoo for Girls
From the past years, it has been observed that girl tattoos have become quite popular. More and more female celebrates wearing their tattoos openly may have helped t life the social blockade for girls with tattoos. Nevertheless, getting a girl tattoo is a decision which has to be made carefully, especially for a girl or a young woman. A girl tattoo will stick with you forever or at least very many years and getting it removed still is complicated and painful.
The whole tattoo world has been changed and dominated by girls tattoo designs. Number of girls is increasing every year who are searching online or offline for crazy tattoo ideas for them.
Let's see on these beautiful girls having tattoos inked on their back. As girls are beautiful and also love beautiful things, beautiful designs. They want to become fashion icons by following tattoo trend.
As you know shape of girl body have many attractive curves and hidden areas that can accentuated with proper tattoo placement. Now you have to locate right kind of tattoo on your right kind of body part. If you get success in placing right design on right place on your body then you will love your tattoo forever. 
Best Tattoo for Girls

Best Tattoo for Girls

Best Tattoo for Girls

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Emo Angel Girl Wallpaper

Emo Angel Girl Wallpaper

Best Emo Wallpaper

Best Emo Wallpaper

Emo Abstract Wallpaper

Emo Abstract Wallpaper

Emo Wallpaper

Emo Wallpaper

Emo Girl Wallpaper

Emo Girl Wallpaper

Dark Butterfly Wallpaper

Sad Emo Boy

Sad Emo Boy

Sad Emo Boy

Sad Emo Boy

Saturday, January 15, 2011

xO sportscars. South Africa

I am glad to introduce the company and products of one of our AADA members, namely Mr Abdul Gakiem Fakier.

The companies name is xO sportscars.
The offices are located in South Africa.

Imagine driving to the race track on the perfect day in a low slung sports car and the engine roaring as you start your journey. As you get to the race track you either race straight away or you do some quick adjustments. The flags drop, lights green, and the engine screams as you launch full thrust! Acceleration and handling come together as though they are one.

We manufacture a range of products and custom fabrications to suite our clients needs.
Current production models are the xO500 and xO400.

Model specifications.


Weight: 500kg+
Engine: VW or Audi engines
Gearbox: 5/6 Speed Manual
Front Brakes: 2 Pot
Rear Brakes: 1 Pot
Suspension: Rosejointed Double Wishbones
Body armour: GRP Panels


Weight: 400kg+
Engine: Busa and other engines
Gearbox: 5/6 Speed Sequential
Front Brakes: 2 Pot
Rear Brakes: 1 Pot
Suspension: Rosejointed Double Wishbones
Body armour: GRP Panels

A wonderful job indeed.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

War letters... and Merry Christmas

A book about War letters...  may need to be re-written,
and the unsaid, the unmentionable, the censored brought out
into the daylight.

I can imagine the shell-shocked war-slaves wish that someone would publish
the heroic deeds of non-killer-murderers instead. 
War *is* murder. And the returning soldiers are best off, if they can forget and
about the "good" and "bad" phantasies of the not-shell-shocked.
Most soldiers, however, became wrecks who lost all beliefs.

But, yes, the children naturally idolize. They have not seen the unimaginable
terror and injustice (reality vs fiction).
Another child with memories of a US airstrike perhaps?

And....  the "good fight".  As if the USA/UK were the "good guys"
who "rescued us" and as if the fire-bombing of cities was ..  well,
what shall we call it to not offend the white man's sensibilities?

Necessary business, cold hearted, calculated? R&D for corporates?

There are massacres ("wars") going on right now. But where is the protest?

Guess what? It is about territory.

Like ww2!  Don't kid yourself.  If Germany would have murdered jews,
communists, gays, disabled and gypsies in their own territory,
the US and UK would have taken it as in incentive to start the
planning on how to do it!  (Do you know how many disabled people
were castrated?)
Iraq? War crimes? -- The US Dollar speaks!
Hello!  Afghanistan?
'We fight here because the enemy is here. The enemy fights here because we are here.'

Dare to listen to these talks in your cold winter nights:
There is MUCH reality (very condensed) that need to be in every book.

I listened to the pinkerton talk this morning. The opium war was a revelation
about the feeling of china towards the west.

Painful Side Area Tattoos

Since the side of the human body is made up predominantly of bones this is why getting a tattoo there is so painful. Since there is hardly any fat protecting the nerves in the body when the artist begins inking into the side you will know it. If you decide to go with this blindsided philosophy of girl side inking up the side philosophy then good luck and make sure that you take a painkiller before you go in.

 Some popular side tattoos for girls are ones that include feminine designs such as butterflies, flowers, stars, constellations, boyfriend names, baby names, earth wind and fire, candy-bars and zodiac signs. The most important person who will see this girl side tattoo will be the one wearing that so keep that in mind at all times. Most girls are heading over to the masculine side for side tattoos and this includes getting pictures of their boyfriends or husbands and even photographs of their children on their right and left sides. We all remember the day when we saw that first girl who had that middle of the back stamp that was a Gothic lettering and a sweet artistic rendering and looked so cute! Today we have the girl's side tattoos that we can gaze upon and when asked to see when you're in a bar or club for the girl will be almost curious on what your reaction is as she lifts up her shirt just a little bit.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking for a Great Design of Tattoos

 Tattoos that are feminine in design, and are usually favored by women or girls. Once upon a time female tattoos included only those designs such as hearts and flowers. But, now many female tattoos include designs that once fell in the realm of men.

The women or girls tattoos became more common and acceptable. Nowadays most people find female tattoos sexy and attractive, they certainly are not offensive anymore.
Women’s tattoo designs are also less heavy, less aggressive looking compared to men's tattoos. They tend to have thinner lines, though this is, of course, a generalization rather than a rule.

Tattoos are much more that ink on skin. They are a way of life for many people. Body modification has been enjoying a surge in popularity in the past few years with body art becoming more and more acceptable in the mainstream.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

GLADIO ERGENEKON Turkey deep state clean-up

Maras massacre
Horrible events broke out in Turkey's southern province of
Kahramanmaras, formerly Maras, 30 years ago. The violent
incidents started on Dec. 19, 1978 and could only be stopped by
Dec. 26.

In these incidents, which came to be referred to as the Maras
massacre -- forming a major milestone in the run-up to the
military coup of Sept. 12, 1980, 111 Alevis died and thousands
were wounded, according to official figures. Given the extent of
the incidents, one can suggest that the real figures must be much

The Maras massacre has a very special place in Turkish history,
which is rife with provocations. In fact, the Maras massacre
shares similar characteristics with many previous provocations.
The incidents were sparked by the bombing of a movie theater
frequented by nationalists. As was the case with the Sept. 6-7,
1955 incidents, it was later found that the bomber was actually a
nationalist who had ties to the deep state. Again, as seen in the
incidents of Sept. 6-7, the houses of Alevis were marked ahead of
the massacre. Two Alevi teachers were killed. The incidents
started during the funeral ceremony of these teachers. The
funeral was attacked by a large crowd of nationalists who were
provoked by rumors that Alevis had burned down mosques and killed
Sunnis. The ensuing massacre that occurred in Alevi neighborhoods
was so horrible that it can leave humans at a loss for words.

Just as it has not confronted or challenged any other massacre,
Turkey did not confront or challenge the Maras massacre. It was
not even possible to commemorate the Maras massacre until the
recent commemoration ceremony held a few days ago in Maras during
which very thought-provoking incidents happened. I will discuss
this ceremony in my article on Friday.

There is not the slightest of doubt about the involvement of the
Turkish deep state, or the Turkish Gladio, which was the
precursor to today's Ergenekon, in the Maras incidents of 1978.
But if we tend to treat such incidents only with respect to their
political repercussions and put all the blame on the deep state,
without trying to understand the psychological moods of the
people who played a role in such massacres, does this take us
anywhere? Why are people in Turkey so easily manipulated in such
provocations? Why do we so readily forget these incidents? As I
will try to explain in the sequel to this article, nothing is
forgotten, but our failure to confront and discuss such massacres
only allows the pro-massacre spirit to continue to live in

The details of the massacre in Maras cannot be squeezed into this
article. It would certainly be better if several documentaries be
shot or novels or textbooks be written about this tragic incident
so that we never forget about them and that history never repeats
itself. Novelist Inci Aral has treated the Maras incidents in her
storybook "Kiran Resimleri" (Pictures of Destruction). Her
descriptions of how she was able to write those stories amply
indicate the horrifying effect of the incidents themselves. Let
us read how Aral decided to write her storybook on the Maras
massacre (see Orhan Tu:leylioglu, "Maras Katliami"):
"For three days, the city was truly a battlefield and was on
fire. ... According to official figures, 111 people were killed
by shooting, cutting or burning. Shops, houses and people's
residential sanctuaries were attacked; women were raped; abdomens
of pregnant women were cut and fetuses were nailed to trees. The
breasts of young girls were mutilated and placed on sticks and
put on display. ... Images published by papers and broadcast on
TV were unbearable for anyone with a human conscience. ... For
months I could not get rid of those memories and the horror of
the incidents. ... I had considered going to Kahramanmaras and
making on-the-spot observations about the incidents, and the
following words of a friend of mine from Maras reaffirmed my
intention: `Maras is still a bleeding wound. ... Why don't you
consider writing about those incidents?'

"One night, I got on the bus and went to Maras. ... Those who
survived the incidents had returned to their villages after the
incidents. The next day, they started to take me from one village
to another, sometimes with a motorcycle and sometimes on a horse
carriage -- and sometimes on extremely packed minibuses, for 10
days. They treated me as their guest in their poor houses. ...
They incessantly talked about the massacre and violence that
befell them. Never before had I seen such entrenched poverty,
helplessness and sincerity. Finding myself in a different world
and among the people whom I only knew to exist by hearsay was
touching. There I learned the beauty of the human heart and
warmth of my people.

"When I returned to Ankara, I could not speak for a month. I then
obtained the minutes of hearings [Author's note: She is referring
to a lawsuit brought in connection with the massacre and which
proved unproductive] from the joint attorneys and read the
witness testimonies, which were stuffed into 40 dossiers. As I
read through the minutes in tears, I came to believe what the
villagers had told me about the massacre. On that day my migraine

"For one year I thought about how to narrate this violence. ... I
was not a journalist but a writer. I might tell an intense or
harsh story, but it must fall within the limits of literature and
be permanent. In the early 1980s I started to work on `Kiran
Resimleri' with the first story, `Elif.' I was only able to write
one story per month because I could not get over it any quicker.
... I completed the book a year later. ...
"`Kiran Resimleri' is a bold initiative for me and a watershed of
my 35 years of authorship. This small book speaks from the
perspective of a writer how people who had been living together
for centuries and who had been neighbors and who had intermarried
could in only a couple of days be turned into enemies who would
kill each other."

Now read what Aral wrote, and in particular her last paragraph,
from the perspective of the 1915 Armenian massacre, the 1934
Jewish pogroms, the Sept. 6-7, 1955 incidents and many other
bloody events in Turkey's past. You will see that Turkish history
repeats itself. And this will continue if we don't confront the

EMO Girl

EMO Girl

Cute EMO Girl

Cute EMO Girl

Emo Stylish Boy

Emo Stylish Boy

Emo Tattoo Girl

Emo Tattoo Girl

Anime Emo Girl

Anime Emo Girl

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emo Boy

Emo Boy

Back Tattoo Girl Tips

A popular tattoo placement for Girl Tattoo's have been on the back, specifically the lower back. Here are some girl back tattoo ideas and tips that would work well for that area.

1. Flowers, butterflies, or dragons! These range from the pretty to the dangerous. Whatever your personal tastes are, some popular choices for lower back tattoos have been flowers symbolizing feminine qualities, a butterfly symbolizing intricate beauty, or a dragon symbolizing strength and danger. All work well on the lower back and because of the large area they can be intricately inked on for detail.

2. Large vs Small Back tattoo. I bring this up because I've noticed many girls whom after getting their tattoo, express a regret of not having got it bigger! Usually people go in to a parlor relatively conservative and are fearful that their tattoo will be too big. But when all is said and done, many reflect and realize a bigger design would have been more preferable. And this often seems the case with girl back tattoo's. Remember that there is a decent amount of surface to work with, and getting a tiny tattoo is probably not going to look that great, and could even resemble a blemish if it's not big enough too actually fully notice.

3. A mural girl back tattoo. Some of the sexiest tattoo's I've seen have been murals, or mini murals. This is where a combination of designs are infused into one large design, so for instance a combination of flowers with butterflies could make up a nice idea. You could also start out with just one design and make it into more of a mural as time goes on.

Here's an excellent place to look at girl back tattoo's to find your ideal design.

Indian Activist ... do we care?

The life sentence handed to Indian activist, Binayak Sen, for committing treason has been condemned by the Indian public as well as intellectuals like Noam Chomsky and Amartya Sen. The judgment of the Indian court is being described as brazen injustice.

"The process is the punishment. His life has already been destroyed," said Arundhati Roy, a prominent Indian author who won the 1997 Booker Prize and could face sedition charges herself for saying that "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India."

"The judgment is meant to be a signal... a warning to people who go against the grain," she added.

Sen was sentenced to life imprisonment in December for allegedly conspiring with the Maoist Communist rebels to fight against the country. Since then, support for him has been growing among activists, students, academics and the media.

India's economic rise has been accompanied by an intensification of the insurgency by the Maoists. The rebels -- called Naxalites -- attack government institutions and kill police personnel to overthrow the state.

Sen is accused of couriering letters between Naxal leaders.

Many people, however, have a hard time believing that Sen -- a 61-year-old paediatrician who has spent his life working to help improve the health of the "poorest of the poor" in Naxal areas -- was colluding against the state.

The decision, handed down by a trial court in state of Chhattisgarh, has also been slammed for being based on dodgy evidence.

Even India's former attorney-general, Soli Sorabjee, described the judgment as "shocking" and based on "flimsy evidence." "The judge has misapplied the section. And in any case the sentence is atrocious, savage," he said.

The life-sentence will be appealed in higher courts, which could be a long-drawn out episode. But Sen's supporters expressed their determination to get him released.

"There will be a coordinated movement that will snowball into something big. We will not rest until this judgment has been overturned," said Manisha Sethi from the Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association.

After enduring a year infested with multi-billion dollar corruption scandals involving politicians and powerful corporations, the public is even more critical of the decision against Sen.

"All the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians are roaming free. It is a disgusting situation in the country," said Inder Salim, a freelance artist in Delhi, who was attending a rally calling for the judgment to be reversed.

People have said that it is corrupt Indian politicians and bureaucrats who should be charged for treason.

Swami Agnivesh, a prominent scholar, pointed out that the country's leaders had allowed Warren Anderson, the CEO of the Union Carbide, to leave the country even though his company was responsible for the death of thousands of people of Bhopal city in the 1984 chemical disaster.

Anderson, who now lives in the U.S., was reportedly flown out the Bhopal in a state plane and he was never extradited to India to face trial.

Noting that all those responsible for Anderson's escape including the then prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, were responsible for treason against Indians, Agnivesh said, "People who sell the country are ruling and human right defenders are put in jail."

Sen's conviction, in the backdrop of the lack of accountability for corruption scandals, has also given rise to broader grievances against that the current leadership of the Congress party--especially Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's plan to secure a place for India on the economic world stage.

Describing Sen as the, "thorn in the flesh of the corporatized state," one of India's leading activist, Vandana Shiva said, "Sadly the prime minister has said that growth is more important than the civil liberties of the people."

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hot Tattoo Girl

Tattoos have, over the last decade and a half, gone mainstream. What used to be a mark of rebellion and strife is now considered a fashion accessory. While most tattoos are still applied to men (and bought by men), girls and women are also getting into the act. There are even hot girl tattoos.

Where men like to have their tattoos on the upper arm, or chest, or shoulder, most girls are aware that what they’re doing has to work with the somewhat more revealing fashions. Thus, a girl needs to think about whether or not a tattoo will look good with a bikini, or a prom dress, or an evening gown. Likewise, girls tend to be a bit more careful about making sure that a tattoo is concealable with professional or casual attire.

So, when looking for a hot girl tattoo, the first thing to think of is "where to put it" – on the back, between the shoulder blades is a common place, as is a circle around the upper arm, or a circle around a wrist or ankle. Another popular place is at the small of the back, right over the crease of the buttocks, because it can be hidden with a modest swim suit – or shown off with a low cut one.

Places to avoid getting a tattoo are on the face, or on the breast, or in between your breasts – the face is a fairly obvious place to avoid a tattoo, just because of the pain and difficulty concealing it. The upper chest is a bit less obviously a "bad place", however, it runs the risk of spoiling the tattoo because that skin shifts and stretches over time, and it makes it awkward to wear anything low cut.

As to what qualifies as a hot girl tattoo, there’s a wide range of options; everything from the now cliché’d "circle of thorns" to roses to butterflies. Pick an image that you’re going to find enjoyable and meaningful for years to come. When you’re getting the work done, be sure to ask to see the health inspector certification. A good tattoo parlor should be as clean as an operating room.

Even after you’ve decided to get a tattoo you may find it challenging to come up with tattoo ideas. Of course, for some of us it’s just the opposite; some people have the idea – an image they think would be perfect for a tattoo – for some time before making the final decision to go ahead. For others though it’s a question of finding just the right image, and this can be difficult because there’s a lot at stake. It’s an image you’ll be living with for the rest of your life. Above all it’s an individual process. If you are stuck for tattoo ideas, here are some places to look