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Saroukh el-Jamahiriya (Libyan Rocket) 2009

Here is the 2009 version of Muammar Gaddafis "Saroukh el-Jamahiriya (Libyan Rocket)" a car which made its debut in 1999, exactly 10 years ago.

The “Libyan Rocket”, as the prototype is called, is described as an “elegant sedan” 17 feet long, more than six feet wide, with a 3-liter, V-6 gasoline engine.

According to the BBC and Fox News, it also has airbags, an unspecified ‘electronic defense system’, and a collapsible bumper.

The car can go hundreds of miles on a flat tire, a feature that could come in handy while driving in the vast Libyan desert. Other safety features include a device to cut off the fuel supply to avoid a fire in case of accident.

Domenico Morali, CEO of Tesco TS SpA, an automotive design company based in Turin, Italy, said Qaddafi joined in discussions about the car’s styling and asked for an original car using Libyan materials including marble, leather and fabric.

The car was unveiled in Tripoli at the end of an African Union summit.

According to the BBC, construction of a factory to produce the car was to have began in October 2009 in Tripoli. (ANI)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aston Martin 1.5-Liter (1923)

Aston Martin 1.5 Liter (1923)
This car has spent his whole life in Australia. There, he started the race in Melbourne was on the events, and the first in the Australian grand prix in 1928 competed. The Goodall family had owned until 1977. John of Perth by the victim right engine, and when it was new GP style Strasbourg with a basic chassis with the body is returned. Your car in recent years in the York Motor Museum and the Fremantle Motor Museum is spent ..

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Batman car

Batman car In 1995 Joel Schumacher gave the Batmobile a campy makeov

1995 Batmobile a change in Joel Schumacher’s campy well with the style of the film was campy. Fans of the franchise, and both the car and refused to film the super cut inactive for a decade.

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new corolla

new corolla
famalies the new corolla
Tarago’s first start with the V6, you now to business class upgrade for the whole family can do! All-new 3.5-liter dual VVT-i, 6 – speed ** V6 202kW of power – the most powerful vehicle in its class saves. Comprehensive design facility equipped with smart you are searching for all models will Tarago

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Aston Martin 15-98 Short Chassis (1934)

Aston Martin 15 98 Short Chassis (1934)
Company, 24 hours of Le Mans in 1935 in an excellent third place finish earned a strong competition was recorded. Just Aston Martin, although the construction of sports and race cars did not. The manufacturer’s road cars was very well appointed, and until some singularly like the Mark II saloon games, cars and more than one player remained comfortable in the large package offered to sign Aston Martin style.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aston Martin DB2 Prototype (1949)

One of the most famous Aston Martins still in existence today, the first Aston straight six engine, LeMans in 1949 when it ran into the now legendary 2.6-liter that was to be equipped with. Aston Martin in the race, but a total of three cars entered in the other two cars DB1 2 – liter engine was. LeMans car in Spa in the third but retired the same year, and it later Montlhery in overall speed record set in place is gone. A small but DB1 chassis, with bodywork built by Frank Feeley, this is the end of the car, DB6 and DBS soon to continue through the beginning of the right of the fastback design.

Aston Martin DB2 Prototype (1949)

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Aston Martin Coal Scuttle (1915)

Aston Martin Coal Scuttle (1915)

In 1913, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford to sell Singer cars to modify and decided. Aston Hill in the famous competition to climb a hill to create a special select, his new nickname for the company with the course of Martin’s name added.

His first car, and philosophy in 1915 was called to the coal scuttle.

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Aston Martin DB2

Aston Martin DB2

Aston Martin DB2Aston Martin DB2 WOBentley new engine under the guidance of the great was.

The Aston Martin DB2 Drophead coupe in both coupe and was available. Engine twin overhead camshafts, hemispherical combustion chamber, a stroke of 90 mm and 78 mm bore to give a capacity of 2580 cc.
Aston Martin DB2
As standard, power output was 105bhp. Later a 125bhp version of the drop was offered. The Aston Martin DB2 his excellent chassis, great for the show, and the character of a vast amount is known.

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Aston Martin DB2 (1952)

Aston Martin DB2 (1952)

The Aston Martin DB2 is introduced in 1952 with a 107.00 BHP Normaly 4gears system the maximum speed of DB2 is 117 mph

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aston Martin DB3 (1953)

Aston Martin DB3 (1953)

This car is one of 10 DB3s produced, and a standard of eight right-hand drive ‘Bertone by equipped with open coachwork. This car for the first time “true space frame ’sports-racers David Brown under the ownership of the company were. Successfully in a number of hill race car this season and the 1953 and 1954, Isle of Man, the Ulster Trophy Formula Libre race, British Grand prix at the British sports car race held during the British Empire Trophy Race, including climbing Silverstone racing events in 1953 , and in first class in 1953 was obliged to rest and keep Hill Climb. New car, and in 1992 was restored to its original specification since has had five owners. Since then, the Japanese LaFest found by Sir Stirling Moss in Miglia in 2005 has been conducted, and it got Miglia Storica in 2001 competed.

Aston Martin DB3 / 6 of a ten DB3s Aston Martin has made between 1951 and 1953. 1953 Tourist Trophy race in the UK and other sports events recorded in the car, various race events and private campaign was launched on the hill the British driver climbs from Desmond Titterington. In 1954, the gullwing design with a remarkable, but in 1975 was rebodied specifications for the right was created. DB3 Aston after the first fight for a sports car race was created. The straight six engine developed from the WO Bentley-Lagonda’s 2.6-liter engine is made.
So he and a new car design engineers tasked Watson as DB3 Aston Martin had the intention was not as successful. The result is that DB3S, based on its predecessor, but features a short wheelbase and a lighter chassis design was one. The DB3S 1953 through one of the ten being counted in the first two series, and was created in 1956 through the Working Group is primarily made for. The second series of 1956 through 1954 was presented. The coupe, which more and more bodies are in top speed, unfortunately, result in a lower drag coefficient, there was a very unstable ride vehicles speed to be very beneficial born. Design and mechanics of this year to compensate for the change and performance limitations were aerodynamic.
During its production run, from 1957 through 1953, 31 was an example of sustainable production. Eleven of his racing efforts were used by the factory.

DB3s Aston Martin by the many international racing events, where it met with mixed results on the campaign was launched, some win and some disappointments. Arguably the most prestigious and challenging race, the grueling 24 Hours of LeMans, a true test of a vehicle’s capabilities. In this DB3S 1953 where it had accumulated throughout the season failed to achieve success was registered by.

In 1954, DB3S two versions Silversone compete in 225 horsepower coupe was created for. More power, especially at LeMans was necessary to be competitive. Implemented by a supercharger, the car developed 240 horsepower. LeMans entered it but it was a Ferrari that had captured the overall victory. And design of high speed instability due to the DB3S coupes crashed.

Coupes in 1955 as the open cars were rebodied. The captured DB3S Silverstone win and a second place finish at LeMans. In 1956, DB3S, with a second place finish at LeMans his first year’s performance repeated.

Design, development, test, and through the DB3S than DB3 success was able to. Capturing an overall victory at LeMans though never, he won several prestigious successes and were able to capture.

The Revo (off road champion)

The South African built Revo is a perfect example of true innovation at it's finest.
It was built by, Achim Bergmann of Thompson Racing, for the Motorite Racing team.

The car is of a space frame construction with a fiberglass body. Tubing is 4130 cro-moly and uses a LS2 6l V8 engine coupled to a Sadev SC90 six speed sequential.

Shocks are American Radflo with secondary pistons in the coil-overs and an external bypass shock per corner. Wheel travel 300mm all round. A Works Bell Paddle Shifter NEO Universal is used to trigger up and down shifts controlled by a Motec M800.

A custom made dust seal was used to seal the paddle shifter from the extreme dust and moisture conditions encountered in off road racing. Up shift cuts ignition and pneumatically selects gear, down shift activates a pneumatic clutch, blips throttle and selects gear.. works very well.

This is Africa's first serious attempt at four-wheel drive Class A Special Vehicle. Power comes from an American built 500hp 6-litre engine and is delivered to all four BF Goodrich tyres via a 6-speed gearbox. Despite a serious air restrictor fitted to keep it in line with the other Class A entries it pulls strongly.

With so much torque on hand, ratios can be kept short but top speed is slightly limited when compared to some of the past competitors. A top speed of just over 180km/h is calculated, which might appear slow but trust me when you doing that off road and approaching a metre deep rut it is insanely fast.

Nigerian Armoured Vehicle

Nigerian Armoured Vehicle

A Nigerian made armoured car was on Thursday launched by President in this month of August 2009 at the eagle square in Abuja.

It is the first home made armoured car, with most of the materials used in its production sourced locally, while others were imported.

It was built by two Nigerian brothers who recently relocated from the United States of America. The brothers; Victor and Johnson Obasa, came back home to use their talent to boost security and also create employment in the country.

The brothers are based in Ekiti State and the duo own a company named Mobile Truck Technology where they nurtured and built the first Nigerian armoured car.

According to Johnson Obasa, the local production of the armoured car would help in upgrading the nation's security status. "It will promote up to 50 percent security in the country, it is something to protect the armoured personnel in their line of duty and it can work anywhere. It is designed to help the nation's security; we also did it to create employment," he said.

Also, Victor Obasa in a conversation with the press stated that they were in a better position to create this kind of cars since they are in Nigeria and understand the Nigerian terrain.

He added that they were willing to do it for the government at almost half the price of importing it. "We would do it for Nigerians for almost half the price they get it outside," he said.

The truck which was tested with different kinds of ammunition, from a far range had little or no mark left on it, but from a close range left peripheral marks.

On how they created such a truck with products from Nigeria, Johnson said: "It's been a little bit of up and down's. When we encountered some challenges, the Senate president encouraged us and at the end of the day we were able to put this together."

The other brother Victor pledged that they would produce a vehicle carrier that would meet international standard at a reasonable price.

The Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Adamu Aliero who represented the president at the launch said it was commendable that Nigerians with talents will come home and contribute to the nation's development.

He disclosed that the President had directed the Inspector General of Police to meet the fabricators on what they required to produce the vehicle to specification.

He also called on Nigerians within and outside the country with such talents to come out and contribute to the development of their country.

"This is also to call on other Nigerians with similar talents to also come back home and join us to contribute their own quota to the country and for other Nigerians with this kind of talent to put it to use," Mr. Aliero said.

Present at the event to inspect the vehicle were top police officers and the Minister for science amd Technology, Al-Hassan Zaku who said the ministry would send a team of engineers to the base where the truck was fabricated to further examine the product.

"We will examine it thoroughly and work with the police to ensure that it is properly produced to the standard they want," he said.

courtesy of Elizabeth Archibong

Cairo car.

Here is the work of the Technical and Vocational Institute at the Arab Academy (for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport) in Alexandria Egypt.

This is Egypt's first electric car project, entitled the Cairo car.

Serious research to develop and create localized technology towards producing a fine example of Egyptian ingenuity. This research is based on reverse engineering as well as self innovation to help achieve a national goal of a purely made in Egypt quality product. Its a 4 seater, and the platform has being successfully been tested. No details on the possibility of the Cairo car reaching production.

The Harper sports car

The Harper sports car. (South Africa)

The companies vision for building this car is as follows.

To produce a stylish, safe, fast, comfortable, fun, low maintenance sports car to be enjoyed on public roads and on the race track.

A one-make series will encourage owners to test their driver skills as cars will be placed against like for like engines. The key is: "Drive it to the track, Race it, Drive it home".

The specifications are as follows.

Power Plant

Engine: Mid mounted 4AGE 20 Valve 1600cc Toyota
Gearbox: Toyota 5/6 speed
Brakes: Toyota (disc all round with adjustable limiting valve for rear brakes)
Total Weight: 650kg

Power Output 120kw (160hp)
Engine Management: Gotech MFI
Performance Exhaust: TNT High performance branch and silencer
Construction: Mild steel space frame with composite non-stressed fibre glass bodywork

Although owners can choose from a range of transverse engines/gearbox, (eg; Honda VTEC, Nissan SR20DET, VW/Audi 20 Valve turbo etc), we recommend the Toyota 4AGE 20 valve engine for it's performance, reliability, low cost and availability.


The MENARA is MOROCCO'S answer to the executive sports car. Entirely made and built in Morocco to very high standards.

The MENARA is a harmonious mix of technology and classic automotive design.

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Aston Martin DB3

Aston Martin DB3
The DB3 1951 Aston Martin DB2 at the convenience of a 133 horsepower (99 kW) 2.6 L Lagonda straight -6 with the engine was introduced. Car, a bigger 2.9 L engine, 163 horsepower (122 kW), production for 1952 was introduced had failed. 2 car, 3. Place and 4. Silverstone in that year behind a Jaguar C – type. The cars were forced out of Le Mans, but was 9-Goodwood-hour race in the claims.
Aston Martin DB3 DB3S the Aston Martin car, launched in 1953 was a lighter version. It was more successful, and was produced until 1956. Well the two versions was created.

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BMW AC Schnitzer Wallpaper

BMW AC Schnitzer Wallpaper

BMW AC Schnitzer Wallpaper

BMW AC Schnitzer Wallpaper

BMW AC Schnitzer Wallpaper image

BMW AC Schnitzer Wallpaper

BMW AC Schnitzer is a great car

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BMW 335i Wallpaper

BMW 335i Wallpaper

BMW 335i Wallpaper

BMW 335i Wallpaper

BMW 335i Wallpaper image

BMW 335i Wallpaper

BMW 335i is a great car

The BMW E90 series is the fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series range of compact executive cars. The car is also available as a station wagon/estate (designated as E91), coupé (E92) and coupé cabriolet (E93). A high performance BMW M3 version of the E90, E92, and E93 is also available. It is the successor to the E46 model, and was launched in March 2005. The E90 is slated to be replaced in 2012 when a new 3 Series body is introduced.

source wikipedia.org